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MOTO Industry Solutions
A virtual terminal allows you to process card transactions received from customers over the phone or mail. A virtual terminal replaces a swipe terminal with a computer and an Internet connection. Through your Internet browser, you can manually enter card transactions for processing over the Internet.
  • Address Verification
  • Auto Close
  • Phone & Mail Order Processing
  • Recurring Billing
  • Use the Printer You Already Have!
  • Password Reporting & Feature Management for Multiple Employees
  • Easy Option to Email Receipt to Your Customer
  • Pre-made & Customizable Reporting
  • Free Client Technical Support
  • Compatibility: Virtually Any Shopping Cart or Payment Page!
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If you have an online store, you can receive a virtual terminal service as part of an Internet Merchant Account with Card Processing Pros. Or you can purchase a stand-alone virtual terminal service that will allow you to process phone and mail transactions via the Internet, even if you do not sell anything online. We will work with you to determine what option is best for you. Call us at (800) 838-9699 for a consultation.

Web-based payment gateway and virtual terminal (all in one). Authorize credit cards in real time through your online store. There is no need for additional equipment, and it does not cost a dollar to get started. No upfront costs, no need for phone lines. Simply use the Internet! This system allows you to pull up reports, automate recurring billing, and view your daily transactions and batches. $15.99/month & $0.10/transaction. $0.00 Set-up, $0.00 Annual.
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