Online shopping is a way of life today, and a great way for businesses to reach customers around the country, or around the world. If you want to sell your products and services online, you�ll need the capability to process credit cards directly through your website in real time. To do that, you�ll need access to a payment gateway�a secure portal that hooks onto the back end of your online shopping cart and transmits the credit card information to the card issuer for authorization and settlement.
Our Internet Merchant Account includes access to a payment gateway, as well as other services, in a fully integrated and supported solution to your e-commerce needs.

We also offer a virtual terminal as part of our gateway, or separately if you want to process phone and mail transactions via the Internet, but do not sell anything online. Learn more about virtual terminals for phone or mail transactions.

Besides enabling you to accept credit cards for purchases on your website, our Internet Merchant Account allows you to pull reports, automate recurring billing and view your daily transactions and batches for only $15.99 a month.  We charge no setup or annual fees. See a full list of our prices and comparisons.

See what works for your industry � Go to our Industry Solutions section and pick the package of equipment and features that fit your business.

Here are some other features of our Internet Merchant Account:

  • Address verification and an entire fraud prevention suite, including duplicate detection and CVVW/CVC2 fraud prevention features;
  • Auto close (Allows end-of-day batch closing to occur automatically at a specified time, without having to be initiated by the merchant)
  • Phone and mail order processing through the integrated virtual terminal service;
  • Automated recurring billing, at no extra charge;
  • Use of your existing printer;
  • Password, reporting and feature management for multiple employees (blocks employee viewing of information they should not see);
  • Option to e-mail a receipt to your customer;
  • Pre-made and customized reporting;
  • Free technical support; and
  • Compatibility with your existing shopping cart and gateway, if applicable.

Whether you're a first-time customer or want to switch from your current merchant account provider, call us now toll-free for a free consultation at (800) 838-9699.   Or Apply Now online. In most cases, you'll be processing credit cards within 1-2 business days with Card Processing Pros.
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