Fees and Common Terms


  • ACH Rejection Fee: $25.00 (If the bank attempts to take fees out of the merchant's checking account and there are not enough available funds, this fee will occur.)

  • Batch Fee: $0.30 (Internet or mail/phone order) or $0.20 (Retail)

  • Early Termination Fee: $99 if you cancel within the initial 3 year term or during any renewal term.

  • Chargeback Fee: $25.00 per Incident. (A chargeback occurs when a cardholder contacts their card issuer in dispute of a purchase made. The card issuer then submits a chargeback to the acquirer).

  • Refund Issue Fee: $0.30 (Internet or mail/phone) and $0.20 (Retail)

  • Retrieval Request Fee: $15.00 (if the bank needs to do some back end investigation for your charge back)

  • Mid-Qualified Transactions: An additional 1.07% (Retail only); Non-Qualified Transactions: An additional 1.82% (All merchant account types).

    • Downgrade Reasons: A card not present Internet transaction that does not include the billing address being passed for an authorization or sale transaction, charges on Government, Corporate and International cards, transactions not batched within 3 days, and transactions keyed into a POS terminal.

  • Monthly Minimum: $25.00 (A monthly charge that is assessed when you do not meet the monthly minimum discount fee requirements. For example, if you have $1,000.00 in sales one month, the bank will calculate the discount fees as: 1,000.00 x 2.19% = $21.90. The processing bank will then charge you an additional $3.10 to make up the difference between $21.90 and $25.00.



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