We take our customers' feedback very seriously. We are committed to continuous improvement to ensure world class service. Our customer's satisfaction is our measure of success! Read what our customers have to say about us!

"Your company is amazing; your customer service department is FAR AND AWAY better than just about any other that have dealt with in the past. Your staff is always extremely responsive, and your customer support people always have the right answers and are caring top notch pros (without attitudes). From my first contact with your company to dealing with minor support issues, your company has been nothing short of excellent. I’m very impressed. And, by the way I had minor issues on New Years Eve, and your people thought it NOTHING to fix my problem at 5PM before leaving work.

I do a lot of websites and will ALWAYS recommend your services to anyone that is looking for a good merchant….geez, now I’m swelling up in tears…LOL… LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"

"There is absolutely nothing that should be done differently than the way my account was handled. I would like to give special thanks to Ms. Judy and Ms. Miriam; they were very nice and equally knowledgeable about the product . In starting my business this was the most pleasant process I have been through. The whole time I felt like I was the only customer and that my account was set up expeditiously.

Completely hassle free. There is nothing better than the service you provided. You guys were great!! Thank you so much! Great communication!"

"Everything about your company has been simple and painless, and your customer service is outstanding. Talking to real humans is a serious plus as opposed to getting lost in a maze of voice mail options. Everything I have signed up for has been a simple process."

"This was incredibly easy. I was amazed at how quickly and easily it went. The associate, Barbara, was extremely helpful and courteous throughout. And, no, I have never met her before. She just did a great job. As an employer, she is someone I would hire. I can't think of anyway to communicate better. I was told to prepare what I needed, I did and it went smoothly. I'm not shy about complaining, but I can't think of anything."

"It's funny... I had actually decided to go with a different company for my merchant account, and applied with them over a week before applying with your company. After one week of waiting for some sort of communication, along with three unsuccessful phone calls to this company to check on the status of my application, I finally got in touch with a very rude customer service rep who couldn't tell me anything more than "it is in a pending status and you will have to wait for someone from underwriting to contact you to let you know what other information we need". That was the day I cancelled my application with them and contacted Card Processing Pros. Within a few minutes of filling out the application (on a Friday night) I had a conditional approval, and, by noon on Monday, I had received two phone calls and several emails from you with an approval. I only hope the rest of my first experience with an online store goes as smoothly as setting up this account with Merchant Services. "

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